Some frequently asked questions that may help you.

Need help? Below are a list of our frequently asked questions that may help you out if not please do not hesitate to contact us or chat live with one of our customer service representative.

The main question we are asked is the difference between the green and blue labeled products. Green labeled products contain artificial marijuana flavoring with 100% real CBD Oil and fruity flavors if chosen.. Blue labeled products only contain 100% CBD Oil and flavors.

1. Is this e liquid for vaping?

Yes, This is 100% e liquid made for vaping and used with just about any vape pens and/or vape tanks.

2. What’s in your e liquid?

Our e liquid are made from simple ingredients such as,  50% Vegetable Glycerin/50% Propylene Glycol, Our secret marijuana flavoring(no THC) and 100% authentic CBD oil.

3. Does it taste like Marijuana?

Yes! smells like it too.. Why take CBD oil in nasty plain flavors when you can vape CBD oil as it was meant to taste and smell like. This is where our marijuana flavoring comes in, enjoy the whole experience of CBD oil and feel like your smoking real marijuana at the same time.

4. Where is your company located?

We are located in upstate New York and a proud American business.

5. Can you sale this legally?

Yes. CBD is 100% legal in all 50 states, Although CBD may not be known widespread yet about the many benefits this has it is quickly becoming very popular for an array of positive benefits and because this has no psychoactive chemical like THC.

6. How many CBD Milligrams in each bottle?

We currently offer 150, 250, 500, or 1000 mg in each bottle, which is enough to satisfied a beginner or a veteran vaper.

7. Does this have real marijuana in it?

No. We use artificial marijuana flavoring in our e liquids but we do use real CBD in all e liquids.

8. Will this get me high?

No. As this has little to no THC in it, it will not, but the CBD in it will help with array of problems such as pain relief, anxiety and more.

9. How much is shipping?

We offer flat rate shipping or you can upgrade to faster shipping on all orders and each customer will be notified with tracking number once package has shipped, please allow 2-5 business days for the package to reach you, if you choose priority shipping please allow 1-3 days.

10. Does your e-liquid contain Nicotine?

No. we do not use nicotine in any of our products