About Us

Welcome to Marijuanie.com and thanks for reading this section as we want our customers to truly understand who we are and what makes us different from all other CBD providers online.

We are a unique online vape company located in the great USA! (New York) to be exact, and we have strong beliefs in the power of marijuana and the natural properties it holds.

We specialize in making good premium marijuana flavored vape with 100% real CBD oil in every single bottle, What does that mean for you? That means your basically vaping the best cbd oil along with the marijuana flavoring (only we use) which makes a great vaping experience and a familiarize smell and taste to real marijuana and all the benefits marijuana offer without the THC effect.

Of course we don’t and can’t use real marijuana for the flavoring, The marijuana flavoring is a artificial flavor but with 100% authentic CBD oil, giving you all the many benefits the cannabis plant has to offer minus the THC.

That being said, because CBD is not psychoactive it is 100% legal in all 50 states.(Also know as Cannabidiol) it has some amazing benefits that you can find below.

Our marijuana flavored cbd e-liquid was formulated to taste, smell and give you all the relaxation you will expect with regular marijuana but without the high (THC) some other known benefits of CBD includes:

– Chronic Pain Relief

– Digestive Problems

– Anxiety Disorders

– Nausea

– Seizure Disorders

– Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth

– Anti-Inflammatory

– Protects Against Neural Damage

– Reduces Blood Sugar

There are many more benefits to this wonder oil, CBD oil can be your fix to many problems and illness you maybe experiencing and the most powerful and quick way to take CBD is to vape it.